At Homeward, Inc., we understand that it may be preferable for individuals to continue receiving care at home. This is why we provide case management to make the transfer from the hospital to their preferred living environment smooth and easy. With this, we make sure that their adjustment and resettling is properly monitored. We evaluate their homes for necessary changes to make it more conducive to their treatments. With our continued services, we also have programs that are provided based on their overall needs. Our goal is to not only give them the assistance that they deserve but to also foster their independence. With this, the client is allowed to have their opinions heard about the services they will be receiving.

Our case managers utilize a comprehensive procedure of assessment, planning, care coordination, facilitation, evaluation, and collaboration with patients and their family members to raise advocacy for options and services, which may be deemed essential for the progress or success of the patient’s treatment. We also communicate with them actively to meet their needs and promote the patient’s safety, quality of care, and desirable outcomes.

Furthermore, we guide our patients toward achieving wellness and autonomy through quality care, constant communication, education, and excellent service facilitation.

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